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Inside Kendall

Winter Alumni Celebration Honors Kendall History and Alumni Achievements

2013 was sealed with a festive nod to alumni achievements at the Winter Alumni Celebration hosted by the Kendall College Alumni Association Board. The last alumni event of 2013 was held in the Skyline Room at Kendall College on December 5 and attended by alumni representing more than 40 years of alumni history and accomplishments.

“The Skyline Room was transformed into a sparkling winter wonderland,” said Alumni Relations Specialist Marguerite Allegretti. “Guests enjoyed the historical photo gallery and archive table.”

“Seeing the photos from the days at the Evanston campus was a wonderful reminder of the history of Kendall,” said Board Member Kimberly Gibson ’12, Early Childhood Education.

Alumni and guests enjoyed delicious and celebratory drinks, appetizers, and desserts as they reminisced during the slideshow and with fellow alumni. “We wanted to host a party celebrating the achievements of our alumni that was fun and whimsical,” said Board Member Jaime Mestan ’07, Hospitality Management.

The Kendall College Alumni Association Board looks forward to turning this celebration into an annual event. “We want to make sure that we have one event every year that recognizes all the alumni achievements that have been made. All of our talented alumni give us plenty of reasons to celebrate,” said Board President Jeff Vicik ’11, Hospitality Management.

At the end of the night, guests took home Kendall alumni mugs filled with special hot cocoa mix prepared by James Beard award winning alumna Mindy Segal ’89, AAS Baking and Pastry.

To ensure you are notified of 2014 alumni events, easily update your contact information by signing in at, via email or by mail (Attn: Alumni Association, 900 N. North Branch St, Chicago, IL 60642.)

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