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Current Students

Academic Advising

Our Academic Advising department works closely with the Registrar’s Office and students from the beginning of their education at Kendall through graduation. The overall goal of academic advising is to help you succeed and complete your degree. Our Academic Advisors provide:

  • Counseling on program requirements.
  • Discussions before you even start classes to clearly explain degree components and transfer credits.
  • Assistance with the registration process on a quarterly basis.
  • Support during open registration. All advisors are available by appointment to assist with answering questions or concerns about classes or self-registration.
  • Guidance on developing and maintaining paths to graduation.
  • Help designing the best route to degree completion for each individual.
  • Connections to College programs and services.
  • Assistance with facilitating communication between faculty, students, and administration on various topics, including student life activities, student housing, student finance, career services, academic support and student counseling.
  • Support for students who are at-risk academically.
  • Faculty are asked to report class absences regularly and keep Advisors apprised of students at risk of failure in their classes. The Academic Advisors then work with the student, the faculty member, and the Academic Success Center to create and execute a plan for success. This same process applies to all students on academic probation.

Advisors are assigned to all new students at the beginning of the first quarter of coursework and may be found on the second floor. You will most likely work with the same Advisor for the duration of your studies at Kendall. If, for any reason, you wish to have a new Advisor, you may ask the Director of Advising, in writing or in person, to consider a change of Advisor. The Academic Advising is located on the second floor, next to the Career Services Center.

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