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Student Life

Kendall ID Cards

Your Kendall ID card is your official identification while at Kendall College. New students receive their Kendall ID card at student orientation.

Use your Kendall ID card to:

  • Access general college facilities
  • Access computer lab located on the 4th floor
  • Use library services
  • Access college parking facilities when parking permit is purchased

Kendall ID card also serves as the student’s Meal Pass and Print Card. All students receive a $25 credit, per quarter, to be used for printing and copying. Print fees are 5 cents for black and white copies and 35 cents for color.

Additional value may be loaded onto ID cards for printing at the autoloader’s located on the 2nd and 4th floors (cash only). The loaded value is automatically accessible for printing.

Lost or Stolen ID

Should you lose or misplace your Kendall ID card, please notify the Student Life Office as soon as possible so that the ID can be deactivated. The replacement fee is $10.00. Money accrued on the lost ID card is not recoverable.

Kendall College
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