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School of Business Assessment

What Did We Study? What Did We Do After Data Collection?
Research and Synthesis of Information
Course: Foundations of Accounting
  • Course content revised Fall 2011
  • Faculty trained on assessment usage and interpretation.
  • Benchmark expectations set
Program Outcome: Define and perform analysis on key data and information
Assessment Activity: Students complete end of course project assessed by a rubric
Oral Communication
Course: Positive Negotiations & Conflict Management
  • Benchmarks established
  • Second reviewer added
Program Outcome: Demonstrate presentation skills
Assessment Activity: Student presentation assessed by oral communication rubric
Critical Thinking and Reading
Course: Decision Making
  • Tracked writing rubric results by student across multiple courses/levels
Program Outcome: Demonstrate decision-making ability and agility
Assessment Activity: Paper requiring key concepts using rubric
Technological Literacy
Course: Technology & Innovation
  • Course altered to align more with skills needed and consistent with original outcomes.
  • Confirmed gap in technological skills, course redesigned
Program Outcome: Apply software skills appropriately
Assessment Activity: Transforming data into information, requiring data cleansing, trending, and graphing
Quantitative Literacy
Course: Global Economy & Services Industry Economics
  • Benchmarks established
  • Two part assessment designed to capture student performance data.
Program Outcome: Establish, track, and analyze performance data
Assessment Activity: Students predict GDP
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