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Baking and Pastry Program

Baking & Pastry Classes

The specialized baking and pastry classes at Kendall College give students in our Baking and Pastry program hands-on experience in artisan breads, pastries, truffles and other baked goods. While earning your Associate of Applied Science in Baking and Pastry you’ll also gain priceless knowledge in business fundamentals through a strong academic framework.

Throughout the two-year program* you’ll enroll in a variety of culinary and baking courses as well as general education requirements to prepare you for the competitive job market. The following baking courses will help prime you for a successful career in the baking and pastry industry.

  • BPA100: Introduction to Baking – Every celebrated artisan baker has to start somewhere. While some baking and pastry classes focus on one style or cooking niche, this comprehensive course covers the rudimentary knowledge needed for all yeast and dough concoctions in the kitchen. You have the time to master baking at a fundamental level while learning important differences among popular baked goods.
  • BPA131: Basic Cake Decorating – This in-depth introduction to cake decorating teaches disciplined baking students the finesse required to pull off intricate and delectable cake designs. Learn how to ice cakes, prepare cornets, pressure control pipe and more. Specific skills like flooding are taught alongside a historical context for cake decorating and preparation.
  • SCI123: Human Nutrition – In addition to your workplace baking education, our program will impart a multidisciplinary food industry education. Learning the science behind human nutrition makes any baker or cook better equipped for the kitchen, especially if you eventually serve as a personal chef or take on a role in corporate food production.
  • BPA215: Chocolates and Confections – Become the ultimate confection king or queen by learning how to craft winning desserts. By learning how to work with sugar, melt and mix chocolate, and combine sweet ingredients, you’ll master truffles, brownies, puddings and more. The Baking and Pastry program offers more than just baking courses to ensure your education is complete and well-rounded.

To view the current academic catalog for the upcoming semester, click here. If you have any questions regarding our baking and pastry classes simply email

*Time to completion may vary

Degrees Degrees

Our accredited Baking and Pastry associate degree program is designed to deliver superior pastry training and applicable business skills.

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Baking Faculty Baking Faculty

Our outstanding faculty come to us with backgrounds at restaurants, foodservice corporations, hotels and other educational institutions.

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Baking Facilities Baking Facilities

Kendall's Chicago Campus features 12 professional grade commercial kitchens, specialized chocolate/sugar and garde manger kitchens and an outdoor bread oven.

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