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Business Program

Kendall College School of Business – Chicago Business Schools

As a Kendall College business student you will develop your natural abilities to think, problem solve and innovate on a global level. Our rigorous and engaging teaching approaches provide a holistic learning experience that enriches the curriculum with context and critical insight into how real world businesses run. In Chicago, a world-class center of business and home to over 30 Fortune 500 companies, you will gain the confidence and skills you need to help you succeed as an entrepreneurial professional and land a job at a company you love.

Our professors and instructors bring their first-hand experiences working for corporations like AT&T and Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago into the classroom to empower you with methods and tools that are proven to work. While studying in the Kendall College International School of Business you will learn how to manage the five key areas of information, people, strategy, products and services, and systems. Your instruction will help hone your leadership capabilities, conflict resolutions skills and managerial intuition so you’re ready for any challenge a real-world position will throw your way.

Bringing Business to Life
Professor John Frech and Visiting Professor Dr. Alberto Moreno Melgarejo share how students benefitted by teaching local high school students business concepts.​

Through industry field excursions, international guest speakers, study abroad options and required internships — your CV portfolio and résumé will be built while earning your degree. Our robust Career Services department provides career-counseling services for all our business students before and after graduation. Receive complimentary résumé and cover letter assistance, interview coaching and access to more than 50 on-campus recruiting events to help jump-start your career.

We help leaders and critical thinkers like you succeed in the competitive world of international business. We offer multiple concentrations for our Bachelor’s in Business degree to give students every advantage to thrive in their desired field.

On January 16, 2018, we announced the pending transition of degree programs from Kendall to National Louis University (NLU), therefore, Kendall College will no longer be enrolling in our Business program. The great news is that NLU has similar programs and you can learn more about their bachelor’s degree options on their website.


B.A. Business Program

Learn how to manage the five key areas of products and services, information, strategy, systems and people.

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Develop your leadership skills and choose from four industry-relevant concentrations.

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Study Abroad

As part of the Laureate International Universities® network, Kendall students have the chance to study across 80 universities in 29 countries....

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Explore Our Program

What Our Students Say

"I chose to study at Kendall because it has a good reputation in my country and I have a lot of friends that study in the other Laureate schools, so I already knew about the network."

- Zhanna Dirayova ‘16 , Business

"We have small class sizes at Kendall. This is my favorite part about studying here. You get more teacher student interaction and the teachers help you with whatever academic problems you may have."

- Eshan Rastogi '14 , Business

What Our Students Say
Career Opportunities Career Opportunities

The Kendall College School of Business teaches practical skills that define successful careers.

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Tuition Assistance Tuition Assistance

There are numerous scholarships and awards available based on academic achievement, financial need, interests and other criteria.

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Degree Completion Degree Completion

Already have your associate degree or international diploma? You may continue on to earn your B.A. in Business in as...

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