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Business Program

Careers for Business Majors

Students in the Business program at Kendall College develop a deep understanding of today’s entrepreneurial industries, amassing a wide skillset to adapt easily no matter what career path they choose. With a distinct degree concentration and relevant, crucial real-world experience and internships, our students leave Kendall College ready to excel from day one.

Whether you’re looking to bring big ideas to the boardroom or lead a sales team to success, as a Business graduate from Kendall College you can make your career aspirations come true. Our ties with the Laureate International Universities network help students prepare for international business careers  in every corner of the globe. Some of the exciting business careers our graduates pursue include:

  • Banking and Finance – Assistants and consultants in banking and finance advise executives and board members in all relevant financial investments and decisions. A career in banking and finance requires excellent communication skills and an in-depth understanding of math and its financial applications. Prepare yourself for this formidable career with a concentration in Business Strategy.
  • Customer Service Management – Business careers in customer service management necessitate a naturally honed communication skill set, and the ability to adapt on the fly. Developing and implementing policies for customer service in your business requires metric analysis and an innate understanding of how people think.
  • Healthcare Management – Your daily duties as a healthcare manager involve coordinating, planning and directing healthcare delivery and administration. You may be managing a practice, a facility or a company, but no matter what you’ll need logistical prowess and a high level of organization.
  • Purchasing and Merchandising – As a specialist in purchasing and merchandising, you’ll choose suppliers for your company, negotiate contracts, secure the lowest prices you can and choose the best commodities for your business. Evaluating industry trends and keeping a pulse on the wants of consumers is vital. Kendall College contextualizes your education to give you an edge in careers like these.
  • Retail Management – As a retail manager you’ll handle virtually every operational aspect of a retail business throughout your career. While managing inventory, tracking trends, training staff and maintaining customer relations, you’ll make crucial business decisions on a daily basis. A concentration in Entrepreneurship and Business Development will help you grow into an owner as your career progresses.
  • Restaurateur – If you want to flourish as a restaurateur you’ll need to intimately understand the food service industry to provide a unique niche or brand while overseeing the daily operations of your restaurant. Skilled restaurateurs manage multiple locations and become franchise owners. A degree concentration in Culinary Entrepreneurship will set you up for success in this demanding career.

Alumni of our prestigious Business program start their own consulting firms, restaurants and local businesses and work at some of the most influential companies and organizations. Our graduates have started their own businesses such as Creative Chaos and SMJ Marketing Consulting and go on to become Directors and Managers at Marketing and Sales companies around the world.

On January 16, 2018, we announced the pending transition of degree programs from Kendall to National Louis University (NLU), therefore, Kendall College will no longer be enrolling in our Business program. The great news is that NLU has similar programs and you can learn more about their bachelor’s degree options on their website.

Career Opportunities Career Opportunities

The Kendall College School of Business teaches practical skills that define successful careers.

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There are numerous scholarships and awards available based on academic achievement, financial need, interests and other criteria.

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Already have your associate degree or international diploma? You may continue on to earn your B.A. in Business in as...

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