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Culinary Arts

James Beard Foundation Honorees

The annual awards gala for The James Beard Foundation Awards, scheduled to take place on May 1st in our own city of Chicago, honors the leading innovators and trailblazers in the culinary profession as excellence in a variety of fields is recognized. As one of the leading culinary arts institutions, Kendall College will be well represented at the gala. Several of our notable alumni are receiving top honors during the James Beard Foundation’s esteemed ceremony.

Among the Kendall College culinary alumni being honored at this year’s awards gala are several former winners of James Beard awards, as well as past and present nominees. Past winners of James Beard awards include R.J. Cooper, winner of Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic in ’07, Tom Fleming, winner of Best New Restaurant in ’96, Jose Garces, winner of Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic in ’09, Shawn McClain, winner of Best Chef: Midwest in ’06, Mindy Segal, winner of Outstanding Pastry Chef in ’12, Adam Siegel, winner of Best Chef: Midwest in ’08, and Michael White, winner of Best New Restaurant in ’10.

Featured Kendall alumni nominees and semi-finalists from the 2015 James Beard Awards include Dan Fox, semi-finalist for Best Chef: Midwest, Michelle Gayer, nominee for Best Chef: Midwest, Beverly Kim, chef-owner of Parachute in Chicago which is nominated for Best New Restaurant, Ryan McCaskey, semi-finalist for Best Chef: Great Lakes, and David Swanson, semi-finalist for Best Chef: Midwest. Other notable alumni being honored this year are Steve Chiappetti and Bill Kim.

For more information about the ceremony, please visit the James Beard Foundation’s website.

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