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General Education

Building a Necessary Foundation

Whether you’re planning to be a pastry chef or the general manager at a boutique hotel, the skills taught in the general education courses will ensure your success. Using student-centered and active learning techniques, our faculty will support you in building critical communication, people, and analytical thinking skills that are indispensable for any successful career. The General Education program is integrated with your chosen field of study so that the two curricula work together seamlessly.

This foundation takes you out of your comfort zone and teaches the basics that are necessary to succeed in today’s global environment. We believe that the combination of general knowledge with program-specific curriculum gives our students a professional advantage and well-rounded skills that employers value. Employers repeatedly report that college graduates possess content skills for their chosen professions, but they are often lacking in leadership, strategic thinking, and other general skills.

For example, every profession requires:

  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Research skills
  • The ability to make reasoned arguments and draw logical conclusions
  • Understanding of numbers and ability to manipulate those numbers using various formulas and operations

At Kendall College, your major and general education coursework will lead you to achieve the college’s ten core competencies, which we believe every graduate, regardless of degree, should understand, accomplish, and value. All degree-seeking students enroll in general educations classes to develop skills like communication, research, critical thinking, and mathematical ability.

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The John A. Miller Academic Success Center offers free tutoring on a variety of subjects to ensure students’ academic success.

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Faculty Faculty

From language arts, to technology and social science, our classes are taught by a talented, diverse team of educators.

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Courses Courses

Our curriculum emphasized critical academic competencies that are important for success in any career field.

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