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Hospitality Management Program

BA in Hospitality Management Required Courses

You will benefit from a comprehensive curriculum that combines career-specific courses with a strong academic framework. The sequence below is an example course schedule for a student starting classes in the fall or spring.

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Year 1
Quarter 1 16
HOS 101 Hospitality Exploration4
CIS 190 Principles of Computer Applications4
HOS 125 The Hospitality Professional I0
MTH 140 Business Statistics4
INT 110 Introduction to Integrative Studies4
Quarter 2 17
HOS 106 Front of House Service3
HOS 195 The Hospitality Professional II 2
ENG 111 Composition I4
Concentration/Free Elective*4
Concentration/Free Elective*4
Quarter 3 16
HOS 118 Introduction to Culinary Arts2
HOS 119 Introduction to Baking & Pastry2
ENG 112 Composition II4
Environmental Stewardship Elective (SCI 221)4
Concentration/Free Elective*4
Quarter 4 8
HOS 206 Sophomore Internship Practicum*6
HOS 207 Sophomore Internship Seminar*2
Year 2
Quarter 5 16
HOS 324 Food & Beverage Management4
SPN 111 Spanish 14
Liberal Arts Elective4
Concentration/Free Elective4
Quarter 6 16
HOS 316 Facilities Planning and Management4
COM 101 Effective Communication Skills4
SPN 112 Spanish II4
Ethical Awareness Elective (PHL 210)4
Quarter 7 16
HOS 235 The Business and Technology of Sustainability4
HOS 241 Hospitality Marketing4
HOS 272 Financial Accounting4
Concentration/Free Elective*4
Quarter 8 16
HOS 311 Legal Issues in Hosp. Mgmt4
HOS 372 Hospitality Managerial Accounting4
Aesthetic Awareness Elective (ENG 213)4
Concentration/Free Elective*4
Year 3
Quarter 9 16
HOS 333 Organizational Behavoir4
HOS 470 Finance4
Concentration/Free Elective*4
Concentration/Free Elective*4
Quarter 10 19
CAP 495 Capstone Project**3
HOS 398 Business Planning and Feasibility4
INT 311 Advanced Integrative Studies4
ECO 310 The Global Econonomy4
Concentration/Free Elective4
Quarter 11 17
CAP 495 Capstone Project**3
HOS 322 Human Resources Management4
HOS 407 Strategic Management 4
HOS 409 The Hospitality Professional III2
Concentration/Free Elective4
Quarter 12 10
HOS 414 Senior Internship Practicum 4
HOS 415 Senior Internship Seminar2
Cultural Literacy Elective4
Total Credits: 181
*Corequisite classes must be taken together. **Each Concentration has 24 credits. Free Electives are any HOS courses that are not part of student's required program (i.e. courses from other concentrations). Courses and sequences are subject to change. View information on costs, occupation types, completion rates and median loan debt for this program.
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