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Laureate English Program

Laureate English Program for Non-Native Speakers

The Laureate English Program at Kendall College (LEP) in downtown Chicago is a full-time Intensive Immersion academic English program.

The LEP prepares non-native English speakers for academic readiness in college or university degree programs. Our program consists of:

  • 6 levels of instruction, beginner to advanced
  • Small classes of 10-12 students, taught by supportive instructors
  • 10-weeks long terms
  • 20 hours of class per week
  • Classes focused on academic skill, listening to lectures, note taking, writing reports, and more
  • Faculty that will support you while you learn English and adapt to American culture
  • Well-known Cambridge University Press learning materials

Laureate English Program Options:

Intensive Immersion

Our 10-week program offers intensive, student-centered immersion into the English language and American culture.

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Language and Culture Seminar

Our 4-week program offers language instruction in the context of American culture.

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Provisional Admission

Our 10-week program offers intensive English for academic purposes that is a student centered immersion of the English language.

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Other Resources:

Application Process

Application Process Learn More


Faculty Learn More

Housing Options

Housing Options Learn More

Important Dates

Important Dates Learn More

Placement Test

Placement Test Learn More
Faculty Faculty

Our LEP faculty supports each student as they improve their English speaking, listening, reading and writing and integrate the culture...

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Courses Courses

The Laureate English Program at Kendall College (LEP) offers study options for every level of English proficiency with three unique programs of...

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