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Continuing Education

Beer Professional Program

logo_beerprofessional_finalThis accelerated training program is designed for certificationseeking individuals who are looking to solidify their knowledge and skills while validating their existing beer and beverage capabilities. Throughout the program, the trainee will be immersed in the local to global beer industry–learning how to successfully navigate the local beer markets, while understanding the influence of the global beer industry.

We apply a learner-centered and teacher-directed approach to education that imparts a rigorous and accelerated programming of beer education. Participants are engaged in extensive content and tastings that challenge them to enhance their skill-set for a successful career in the beverage industry. Individuals that should take these courses include:

* Enthusiasts and Entry-Level – Those starting out in the food and beverage industry or those seeking growth within the industry
* Off-Premise – Retail stores and beer merchants
* Sales and Marketing – Vendors, distributors and importers
* Bar and Restaurant – F & B directors, brewers, service and dining room managers, buyers, servers, bartenders and bar-backs

Course Description – Beer Professional (BP I) – Apprentice

This foundational 6-week course navigates the learner through an intriguing journey of the vast world of beer while examining the sensory analysis aspects of popular beer styles and their potential faults, brewing process and ingredients, food pairing and service techniques.

Upcoming Sessions

Date: Begins February 6
Time: 5:30 p.m – 10:30 p.m.

Monday, February 6
Monday, February 13
Monday, February 20
Monday, February 27
Monday, March 6
Monday, March 13






Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the requirements in this course, the trainees will be awarded the Beer Professional (BP) Program – Beer Certificate Level I.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Beer Certification Level I, the trainees will have achieved the following outcomes:

  1. HISTORY Recognize the important events in the evolution and development of the beer industry.
  2. SENSORY ANALYSIS Institute the four-step tasting technique used to assess and evaluate beer.
  3. PRODUCTION Recognize key steps in the brewing process that shape the characteristics of a finished beer.
  4. BEER STYLES Recognize key personality characteristics of 30 key beer styles.
  5. FAULTS Recognize the aromas and flavors of a particular beer fault and identify its basic root cause
  6. FOOD PAIRINGS Apply the foundational knowledge and skills of  the Analytical Beer and Food Pairing Approach.
  7. SERVICE Perform essential steps of table-side beer service and identified basic storing and cellar management practices

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