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Recreational Culinary Classes

Catalog of Recreational Classes

Our recreational classes are great for the solo cupcake baker or the sushi rolling couple. You can learn basic cooking skills from baking cookies and sauce making to mastering the perfect cheesecake. Gather your girlfriends for a night of wine and appetizers or come alone and meet new friends while learning new grilling techniques.


COOKING: Basic Knife Skills

Kendall’s professionally certified chefs will teach you the proper way to handle and use the most important piece of equipment in the kitchen –your knife. You will learn the basic cuts, including dice, julienne, mince and tournée, by practicing on...

Sun. Oct 22, 2017




BEVERAGE: Foundation Level I – Wine Apprentice

WINE PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM Foundation Level I · Wine Apprentice Six weeks of 25 total hours of hands-on instruction and assessment. Upon successful completion of the requirements in this course, the participant will be awarded the Wine Apprentice Certification.


This class will meet for...

Mon. Oct 23, 2017




COOKING: Couples Cooking

Bring your special someone to Kendall TASTE class and indulge yourself in a fun evening full of decadent culinary delights. Learn to make various unique recipes that will be sure to bring out the romantic side in both of you....

Fri. Oct 27, 2017




COOKING: Pasta Making

In this hands on class learn the skill and technique of making your own fresh pasta. Learn different types of stuffed pastas, cut pastas and pasta variations. This course will also cover making your own pasta sauce. Pasta Alfredo Lemon-Mint Tagliatelle Rosemary Carbonara Tallegio...

Sat. Oct 28, 2017





Break out the chopsticks and roll out the sushi! In this hands-on class students will learn how to prepare sushi rice, new knife skills with fish and veggies, and all the tricks to make gorgeous sushi rolls. Mix and match...

Sun. Oct 29, 2017




CULINARY CERTIFICATE: Stocks, Sauces and Soups

Explore the art of making delicious stocks, the foundation to good sauces and soups. From there, participants will move on to create cream/puree soups, consommé and court bouillon. This course will also cover Escoffier’s Mother sauces including béchamel, veloute, espagnole, tomato...

Tue. Nov 14, 2017




COOKING: Culinary Skills Series: Meats

Back to basics. Participants in this informative series will learn the various methods of cooking; sauté, stir fry, searing, poaching, boiling, steaming, grilling, roasting and braising. Learning when and how to properly use these methods and understanding the differences between...

Sat. Nov 18, 2017




COOKING: Culinary Skills Two-day Bootcamp (Just in time for Thanksgiving)

This multi-day boot camp will teach you the fundamentals of cooking. The techniques taught by our professional Kendall chefs will build upon your cooking repertoire by teaching you how to make every recipe with a dash of your own style. Day...

Sat. Nov 18, 2017




CULINARY CERTIFICATE: Fundamentals of Cooking Techniques (recommended to be taken first)

Cover the main kitchen basics and classic preparations focusing on sanitation, knife skills and basic techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to work with whole chickens, flat and round fish as well as learn shortcuts and best practices when slicing, dicing and...

Thu. Nov 30, 2017




COOKING: The Great Holiday Cookie Exchange

Love Holiday Baking? Love Holiday Cookies? If so, this class is for you! In the Great Holiday Cookie Exchange, we will produce numerous traditional cookies, a few European favorites, and some classic cookies from childhood. Each student will leave class...

Sat. Dec 2, 2017



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